Essay on Analysis Of ' The Young French Cinema '

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n utilised in their own works. Though “the young French cinema indirectly reproached Hollywood’s long-established narratives and restricted storyline subterfuges” (Lanzoni, 206), the French New Wave directors also had a longstanding appreciation for directorial greats like Alfred Hitchcock, Fritz Lang and Orson Welles. Each film was an exercise in honouring great filmmakers, and any other hero of the director: writers, great thinkers and even Hollywood actors, through countless references in style, mise-en-scene or even dialogue. Roy Armes notes this constant intertextuality, and how it was in essence, a way for these educated artists to make sense of life, and to trade, through the code of careful references, their opinions and film preferences (French Cinema 175-6). In Breathless, through “the homage to Bogart, the posters of The Harder They Fall , the quotation from The Enforcer when Poiccard knocks out the customer in the toilets, the soundtrack and photos of Whirlpool etc.” (Marie, 168), Godard deliberately makes stylistic reference to American “B” movies. His hero Poiccard identifies directly with Humphrey Bogart, glancing at one of his film posters and saying almost reverently: “Bogie”. In The 400 Blows, Antoine creates a shrine to French writer Honoré de Balzac. Godard saw intertextuality in filmmaking as the next logical step after film criticism, stating, “instead of writing a piece of criticism, I make a film into which I perhaps introduce a critical dimension”…

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