Essay on Analysis Of ' The Wolf Of Wall Street '

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One of the things that makes “The Wolf Of Wall Street” so incredible is the fact that it was actually based on a true story. When you consider the absolutely insane antics of the organization and levels of success it reached, it’s pretty unbelievable. In order to fully describe the manic culture within the organization, we must begin by defining the two types of culture, observable and core culture.Observable culture is “visible and is readily apparent at the surface of every organization. It is expressed in the way that people dress at work, how they arrange their offices, how they speak to and behave toward one another, the nature of their conversations, and how they talk about and treat customers and clients” (Schermerhorn, 2013, Ch. 12.1). The interesting thing about Stratton Oakmont, the company in the movie, was from the outside and in the ads, you really couldn 't tell what was going on there. They did a great job of hiding their crazy antics from investors and people on the outside looking in because if people were able to see what was going on there, they would never invest with them. For example, when Forbes came to do an interview with Belfort, the appearance was very typical Wall Street behavior. Nicely cut suits, crisp white shirts, and ties. However, in the scene before this, they had just shaved a woman 's head for ten thousand dollars, there was a marching band going up and down the aisles and plenty of drugs in the office. Somehow, the Forbes interviewer saw…

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