Analysis Of The Town Hall Project

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When beginning the Town Hall Project, I has many obstacles that I had to change to understand the true meaning of my policy problem. On my first assignment I felt as if I was taking a shot in the dark about what I wanted to happen with the help of drug addicts to protect the policing and community. The second paper was better at determining the scope of my problem and pin pointing the specifics that I was aiming to cover within my policy problem and solution. Furthermore, at the Town Hall event I was able to see that my unique idea was not talked about by anyone else and that I should direct my problem more towards the policing rather than putting more emphasis on the community. My problem was more rooted in the interactions with these individuals, not necessarily just their addiction and what could be fixed. The police officers that attended the Town Hall meeting did not …show more content…
Over the semester, the class has taught me what it means to have a political voice and how I am able to use my political voice to change our society in a positive manner. Being a part of society means I can change it not only for myself, but for those who are in my community as well. The best part of the Town Hall experience was going into the small groups to discuss our policy problems and solutions. Everyone had complete thoughts on what they wanted to do, and they were inspired to do as well as possible to help. I believe that taking a Town Hall section may sound hard to some, but with some determination to succeed, it can be extremely beneficial. Over the course of the town hall part of class I have learned much more than if I had just read a chapter on what it is to create a policy problem and solution and moved on. I was able to experience it hands on and work through the kinks and curves that are a part of just the beginning of the policy

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