Agent Theory Of Addiction

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The etiology of a condition is its cause or origin. The etiologies of addiction are those areas that influence the when and how factors of addiction. It is important to identify and understand how one gets started in their addiction. To understand what causes addiction, you must look deep into yourself and figure out why you started using to begin with, there is always an underlying reason.
Agent models place primary emphasis on the strong effects of the drug itself. In this view, anyone who is exposed to the drug is at risk because of its addictive and destructive properties.
This model primarily puts the blame on the drug itself. An agent model was implicit in the "war on drugs" of the late 20th century. The primary remedy it implies is
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They label them as unable to control themselves and their abuse. This model will put the blame on the individual and where as other models within this one will say that the individual is incapable of controlling their use. I am not really understanding this one, I feel it is an oxymoron and it is not getting to the heart of the problem. Many people have addictive personalities and yes while we all control our lives and destiny sometimes people are just not strong enough to battle theirs.
Personal Responsibility model, this model will look at the individuals with alcohol and drug problems and say they have issues with self-control. This can be construed as a violation of moral, ethical, or religious standards. It is all a personal preference and what you personally believe in. Some religions would describe drinking as sinful especially if it causes
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There are so many programs in place to help children and their families learn about the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol. The more informed the public is the better the chances that addiction can be reduced in our society. I would very much participate in group therapy for school age children to educate them on the harmful effects that drugs and alcohol can have on them and their bodies as a whole. Children are like sponges and if I can help them better understand what these addictive behaviors can do, then maybe I can help them not get started. Society as a whole plays an important role in this as well, because there are so many influences out there that just try to get children hooked on drugs and alcohol, so much peer pressure is put upon our children and if they don’t participate they will be bullied or made fun of. It is incredible how much harm can come from a handful of children. If I can help children and their families especially in lower income neighborhoods where crime and drugs are at their highest than I would consider that a great accomplishment. It is so difficult to try and contain yourself when you are faced with drugs all around you and people trying to influence you. That is why I feel it is so important to reach out to children, because when they get older

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