Analysis Of The Story ' The House ' Essay

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The house was plain, one story spread across a large plot of land. It was snuggly hidden under an overhanging cliff. Just out the front door was a path of rock that lead to the edge of the mountain, which over looked the valley and the road leading to the top of Hiero Peak. The men had begun to return, but they had entered from the caves, which had many entrances but all led to the house. The only entrance from the tunnels, which Icos had first created when the family had chosen the mountain for their home, was closed by a large oak door. Inside was a plain room, half of which was the mountain side. “Hail, the conquering heroes!” A sweet voice rang out and the door to the wash room was flung open. In the door way stood a short girl, only about five and a half feet tall with gold hair down to her bare feet. She had a radiant smile, dimples, and a heart shaped face. Her lavender eyes fell first on her favorite bother, Cimon. Though the young man was trying to unwrap himself from his gold robe, he suddenly stopped when the young girl flung herself at him. He tossed her around in the small room without hitting anyone, having done it many times. “Take it to that next room,” Icos advised. The group went into the main living room, and began to relax. The room was magnificent. The fire places crackled playful in the hole that had been dug out of the rock face. The whole far side of the room was the mountain, while the other was more homely, being made out of logs. In the corner,…

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