Essay on Analysis Of The Story ' Soria '

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historian called Soria, he finds out that the person that was put in jail to cover the act of an ex- lieutenant and who was part of the FLN, killed many Harki families right after the independence. The victim, Soria was the only survivor of the family, guides Llob to find out who was surely responsible for this crime. The investigation of Dead Man’s Share shows that sometimes corruption can deceive a lot of people and provoke injustice for some people such as the case of Llob’s partner Lino. Soria specifies, “I caused his death, and that’s gratifying. I expected him to disappear, but he went one better: he killed himself like the coward he always was” (Khadra, 372). It is implemented through that investigation that everything that happened surrounding the so called set up of Lino was just a sham and a scheme for Soria to meet her ends for her revenge plot. “I hoped to get justice for them. I would have been unhappy if I had done anything else.” (Khadra 372). In fact, there are various types of seeking justice from injustice, as the case of Lino was the catalyst that drove Soria and Llob to resolve the injustice of the massacre that happened in Algiers by the general Haj Thobane. Based on these points, it shows a cycle of the evolution of these stories mainly through catharsis where characters would feel a sense of justice and injustice throughout their emotions while they fight for a good cause. Dead Man’s Share is a fiction novel, but we are exposed to injustice in real…

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