Analysis Of The Story ' Soldier 's Home ' Essay

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In the story, “Soldier’s Home” Krebs home is in a small town in Oklahoma. He goes through a process of choice. The draft for WWI included Krebs who was attending Methodist college in Kansas than. Krebs had spent two years in warfare in Germany. His experiences in the war have changed Krebs in different ways. Krebs comes home from the war and finds himself alienated from his friends and family. This transition for Krebs endures is a tough process and feels disconnected from his family and friends. For me, my hometown is Ali Chuckson or Little Tucson, on the Tohono O’odham Nation in Arizona. I also go through a process of choice, when I was getting bullied my first year of high school. I chose to leave my hometown, to go to a boarding school in Salem, Oregon. I lived in Salem, Oregon for the next three years. My experiences with living at a boarding school have changed my life for the best. I came home to find myself alienated from my friends and some family. Krebs had made a significant life change decision to embrace a conception of duty and manhood going to war, 1917-1919. As for me, I had made a significant life change decision to leave an abusive environment to go to desired environment. Both Krebs and I experienced archetype changes along the way. In the beginning of “Soldier’s home”, Krebs returned home a couple of years after the war were over. To his hometown in Oklahoma, Krebs had realized no one wanted to talk about his wartime or if they did want to know he would…

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