Analysis Of The Story ' Night ' By Elie Wiesel Essay

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Throughout the novel Night, Elie Wiesel finds the truth within the lasting relationship he has with his father. Wiesel is exposed to the new world where he discovered the truth within his father. In the new world his father lacked the courage to challenge anyone who opposed him and he seemed to be a different man when put in life or death experiences. Elie sees the truth that his father was not as strong as he once thought and he becomes fully aware that he was standing next to his father as an equal and not as a son. Wiesel states “My father was crying. It was the first time I saw him cry. I never thought it was possible” (19). In the novel Night Elie explains experiences where he finds that his father was not the strongest man and that his father was just as scared as he was. Due to the effects of the Holocaust, Elie Wiesel’s relationship with his father slowly disintegrated and Wiesel was left to take care for his own father. He found himself teaching his father how to walk and practically survive the Holocaust because his father was all he had left. Within the novel Night, Wiesel chose events that were symbolic of his relationship with his father. He included images of himself leaving childhood but failing to achieve adulthood because he had taken extreme amounts of responsibility throughout his experiences. Elie Wiesel was forced to become an adult just so that he and his father could both live. Throughout the novel Elie questions his father and considers that he is…

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