Analysis Of The Story ' Mericans ' By Sandra Cisneros Essay

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“Mericans” written by Sandra Cisneros is a story about a group of children primarily a girl, who are stuck between a transitional period of their lives due to their changing environment. The short story demonstrates culturistic differences by both location and background. The title of the short story is a perfect example of detailing how the children felt while waiting outside the church. They felt ostracized due to their background and grandmother. The children 's grandmother gave them one order which was to stay outside the church and wait, however the outside world gave them another. The outside world said to be explorative and roam the plaza and enjoy the atmosphere. The main conflict of the story is centered around the children’s grandmother who the main character has nicknamed “awful grandmother” who is a parental barrier to the children; the grandmother is living in two cultural worlds, clinging on to a cultural heritage that does not apply well to the states.
The groups that reviewed the short story reported that “the narrator had a negative outlook on her grandmother 's views.” Which is something I do not entirely agree with. I do agree that the grandmother had different views from the children, however in no light does it mean that her views are negative. From my personal point of view I interpreted that the grandmother had no negative intention nor was represented negatively in the story. I believe that the “awful grandmother” was not being inconsiderate rather…

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