Analysis Of The Song ' Fuck Tha Police ' Essay example

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NWA also known as Niggaz with Attitudes is one of the most influential and motivational rap groups not only in the late 80s but all throughout rap history. Members of NWA include Ice Cube, Eazy-E, Dr.Dre, MC Ren, DJ Yella, and The D.O.C. NWA made a cultural impact in the city where they are from, Compton, California, and also all around America. In 1988 NWA released a track called "Fuck tha Police". Being from Compton the members of NWA grew up in the hood witnessing young African American males suffer from police brutality. In 1992 the city of Los Angeles witnessed Rodney King brutally beat on camera by four LAPD police officers. During this time of tragedy citizen in the city uses the track as their motto. The song "Fuck tha Police" put a spotlight on police brutality and sends a message not only to the black youth of the city but to the white audience that listens to their music as well. Throughout the lyrics in the song members of NWA talks about the cruel treatment black males receives just because of their skin color, where they live, and also what they believe in. African Americans growing up in the city of Compton are not treated with equality by the police. They would harass the black males more than they would anyone else. The police discriminate all black males because of the general use of drug in Compton in the late 80s. Every black male in Compton does not partake in drugs, but the police see it as if that is true. In verse 1, lines 3 through 5, Ice Cube…

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