Analysis Of The Short Story ' Judith Ortiz Cofer And ' A Pair Of Ticket '

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Facing Problem

In the short story “Volar" written by Judith Ortiz Cofer and “A Pair of Ticket” written by Amy Tan share a lot of similar literacy device in the story especially the used of symbol and setting. Both story used of plot might be different but we can see many similar things in the story where the author used symbol and Setting to portray most of the story and used dialogue to back it up so that the reader can understand what is going on in the story. In this world, we are facing problem everyday no matter where we are. In the short story of Volar and A Pair of Ticket, both author reveal the problem their facing by using symbol. In Volar, the unnamed twelve year old Spanish girl, whose her parents had difficult adapting to live in the United State and in A Pair of Ticket, there is Jing Mei, a women who is travelling through China for a mission to find her true roots and to discover her loss twin step sister that she has never met before in her life. The little girl in volar reveal her dream about how she overcame the reality struggle that her family face by dreaming at night and how she want to fight the struggle that living far from their native country. She has a very imaginative mind and her dream of becoming one of her favorite comic book super girl where she can fly and have completely freedom to do anything she want. Just like the little girl, her mother tone to her father can be seen as symbol, After the father tells the mother they are…

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