Analysis Of The Short Story ' Another Of Mike 's Girls ' Essay

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Cormier, the author of the short story “Another of Mike’s Girls”, believed that love had a strong influence over the lives of those who are impacted by it. Not all love is romantic, and, often times, love is felt by a parent to their child. That kind of love, as mature as it may be, makes people as intransigent as the typical teen romance. Affection causes people to be irrational in their thinking, but it also can consume people. It can bring people up to the point”…of triumph and pride,” but it can also damage spirits and ”…lack motivation.” These feelings brings people to reach their highest highs, causing impulsivity. It, however, can bring people to their lowest low with the same emotions. To demonstrate this influence, Cormier uses symbolism to present the central idea of love’s impact on decisions. The author of “Another of Mike’s Girl” uses symbols to represents the impact love has on a person’s views. One’s view of what is logical, for example, is often warped. The change in perspective comes from one’s desire to keep their loved ones close. This idea is portrayed through the subject that Mike failed an exam in, algebra. Algebra is a very formulaic type of math, which is the basis of many others such as geometry. Mike’s father is livid to hear that Mike is getting distracted by some girl and that he failed an algebra test because of it. He feels that Mike being distracted by his girlfriend, Jane, is illogical because it’ll impact his future. Mike’s father knows…

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