Analysis Of The Poem ' Women Work ' By Maya Angelou Essay example

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In the works Women Work, A Jury of Her Peers, and A Work of Artifice the authors portray a negative image of women to society. All of these works talk about some way women are less than men but mainly they talk about their domestic work around the house. Women are portrayed in these works to only have to worry about working in the house and that, which is all they are good for. Domestic work around the house is a theme in all of these stories made to show how society perceives women and show how it is not the way women are to be portrayed. Many women in literature are portrayed by their domestic work around the house and how it is a very demining chore. The way women are portrayed to only do domestic work around the house shows how society looks at women and how men are perceived as superior. In the poem, Women Work, by Maya Angelou she gives the story of woman who is a slave and what here responsibilities are and how she just wants to get away. In the poem it uses a rhyme scheme to draw interest into the section that highlights what a woman is expected to do. The woman in this poem says, “ I’ve got the shirts to press the tots to dress the can to be cut I gotta clean up this hut then see about the sick and the cotton to pick.”(Angelou 38) This is what women are expected to do everyday and it has gotten to the point where women think that this is all they are allowed to do. Everyday this lady wakes up and begins her day the same way. Everything she listed that she has to…

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