Analysis Of The Poem ' Wislawa Szymborska ' Essay

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Wislawa Szymborska was a Polish poet who often wrote poems about her life, but many mistake her poems to be politically motivated. She lived during the cold war and often examined topics of happiness, death, and time. Szymborska often uses poetic techniques to add meaning to her poems, which helps the poem to “speak” to the readers. The use of these techniques also supplement the underlying themes presented, which make her poetry very powerful and moving. Szymborska’s use of different poetic techniques helps to drag the reader into the speaker 's world, which effectively keeps the reader entertained and wanting to continue reading.
Szymborska utilizes repetition in her poems to help emphasise a point or idea, which causes the reader to become involved in the poem. In her poem “Possibilities” she uses repetition to help show the speaker 's preferences for society. The effect of repeating “I prefer” allows the speaker to speak directly to the reader, similar to someone giving a speech. Repetition allows one of the speaker’s points, the world is better when people are passive not aggressive, to be better received by the reader. The repeating pattern allows the lines “I prefer the earth in civvies/ I prefer conquered to conquering countries” (22-23), to complement each other. Szymborska also uses repetition in her poem “Maybe all this”. The speaker 's use of “maybe” helps to transition from one stanza to the next, since each stanza presents a different interpretation of the…

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