Analysis Of The Poem ' Weapons Training By Bruce Dawe And Beach Burial, By Kenneth Slessor

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Like movies, novels and music, poems are texts that people use to reflect on their lives and experiences. Poems can have an impact on peoples thinking, not only through the things they might say to their readers, but through the discussions that readers have with each other about poems. I agree with this statement and believe that it accurately describes how people can reflect on their lives after reading poems. In addition to this, I also believe that poems can also have an effect on peoples thinking in many ways and through different sources; as the statement above described. Today I will be comparing two poems, both related to war, they are: Weapons Training by Bruce Dawe and Beach Burial, by Kenneth Slessor. Weapons Training, focusses more on the brutal training that people being sent off to fight, have to endure. This process is both extremely, physically and mentally challenging; with trainees having to experience being constantly “bullied” by the drill officer and the arduous training exercises that prepare them for the inevitable transfer to the front line. Beach Burial however, describes the aftermath of a battleground and how all soldiers were buried, both friend and foe; all loyalties forgotten in death.

Bruce Dawe, the author of Weapons Training; was aiming to recreate his experiences, while serving in the Royal Air-Force around the time of the Vietnam War. The poet himself even stated that the insults and remarks used by the drill officer were:…

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