Essay about Analysis Of The Poem ' The Ragged Tree '

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The ragged tree stands like a slumped man waiting for life to end. Haggard, the tree’s surface is mottled with hues of brown, his bark like the wrinkled, gnarled skin of an old person. Scars mar the tree’s exterior, the trials of life having taken a toll on his once youthful figure. The tree’s peeling bark now hangs loosely from his skeletal frame, like a man now too slight for his own body. Once thick skinned, the tree’s hefty covering has begun to crack, flaking off in wispy tendrils leaving uncovered the tree’s heart. His long, once majestic branches now droop with the burden of life, much like a hunchbacked man, nearly cracking under his own weight.
He has been around for generations; he has seen people come and go, never once stopping to pay him any heed. Humans never comprehend that trees are living, sentient beings, the lonely, stationary spectators that observe the world as it goes by. No person would take solace in a tree until all sources of comfort had been exhausted, until he too had been converted into a mere observer of others’ lives like the tree himself. He contemplates the injustice of having ended up stuck in this one desolate courtyard for his entire existence like a prisoner in solitary confinement; he is the only tree, the only being of his kind he has ever met. He would give an arm and a leg to be a human, to have any sort of interaction with anyone besides the birds who pick savagely at his flesh.
The tree sees the boy before the boy notices the tree,…

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