Analysis Of The Poem ' The Night ' Essay

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The night was frozen in a deep silence, but I could still hear the whisper of the distant whoosh of the river getting closer and closer every step we would take into our new lives. I could see the excitement of my little brother and my sister on their faces; their dark chocolate eyes were as big and bright as the moon. The woman next to me held my hand tightly; I could feel the calluses of her hands from all those years of hard work in the fields harvesting the corn, which every morning she would turn in yummy tortillas! I knew she was tired, I could see it through that shiny armor of toughness she would wear every day. “Don’t let go my hand mijos,” she said with a sparkle of a star in her eyes. My sister, my little brother and I replied with a soldier voice answering to their sergeant, “si mamita.” A manly voice from behind us whispered, “shhh… keep quiet or we are gonna get caught.”
Caught? I asked myself, what are we doing? Are we doing something bad? We just want to see our daddy. Mommy said we were going to see our daddy but first we would have to walk a little and cross the Grand Magical River that would take us to the “Land Of Freedom.” I didn’t know what she meant by the “Land Of Freedom,” I was perfectly free where we lived, playing with my cousins the minute that bell rang to get out of school. I was surely going to miss those mud cakes decorated with red and pink roses straight from the finest flower shop in the town, my grandmas rose bushes, which we would…

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