Analysis Of The Poem ' The Night ' Essays

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“Which one would it be?” asked Anya. Fianna studied the distant glowing domes, waiting for a sign or call. They drifted past several before she grabbed the faerie’s hand and pulled her ashore. On the other side of the gel wall stood a severely damaged home, its living room and master bedroom crushed beneath fallen trees. Lucas paused in the clearing for a couple of minutes, considering the possibility that he would have to enter the ruined house to retrieve his mother’s body. He coughed, releasing a tension that threatened to choke him. Somewhere inside the house, his mother’s dog barked a precursory warning. “Morfessa . . . Morfessa, is that you boy?” At the sound of his voice, his mother’s Irish Water Spaniel bounded down the front steps, joyfully launching himself at Lucas. Weak from dehydration, malnutrition, and lack of sleep, he crumpled in the dirt beneath the weight of the ecstatic dog. His clothes were in tatters. Covered in abrasions, every piece of exposed skin ached from unhealed wounds and bruises. The fall ripped newly formed scabs apart, staining his clothes with fresh blood. Morfessa went to work, methodically licking every uncovered piece of skin. Lucas’s mother, toting her best friend, a double-barreled shotgun, stepped onto the porch. Astonished, Fianna was unprepared to see this version of her grandmother. This was not the sweet and slightly feisty person she had always known. Instead, Fianna saw a strong woman exuding a formidable…

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