Essay Analysis Of The Poem ' The Night Sky '

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Ordeal by Cheque
The weather gradually rebirths once again to a colder period.To get ready for his own glorious emergence, Lawrence Exter’s receipt fills up with expensive baby clothes from a nearby Goosie Yander Baby Shoppe at precisely the 30th of August in the year 1903. A couple of days pass by, and twas time to extract the newborn from Mrs. Exter’s womb. The night sky was filled with negative and positive charges clashing amongst themselves in an attempt to balance the electric charges. Precipitation of water was at a minimal level, but its primary purpose was only to deliver adulation to the storm. The hospital, normally kept cold to reduce the rate at which bacteria multiply, was unusually warm with joy as the baby was delivered by the adept Dr. David M. Mcoy.The procedure ends with celebratory speech and everything seems to be in check including the one- hundred dollars paid to the amazing doctor.
One month and one day passes and the loving family takes their newborn child to to California Toyland. It seemed like this would be the last time that the family would ever be truly happy. As tme flies, the now six year old boy has grown out of Toyland. It’s time for him to go to an amusement area in which we all young boys and girls love: private school. The family obviously wants their kid to be mature adult someday as evidenced in the 1,250.00 dollars they put forth for his education. His father high hopes for his son seem to resemble a worshiper to a savior. After a…

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