Analysis Of The Poem ' The Lady Of Shalott ' Essay

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Austin Williams
Mrs. Armstrong
English 262-02
25 April 2016
The Lonesome Lady of Shalott “Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty.” Prudish and narrow-minded are excellent terms that describe how the people from the Victorian era are portrayed. The Victorian era was a time when the legs of a table had to be concealed under cloth so that it was not suggestive in any way. Alfred, Lord Tennyson was a prominent author in the Victorian era. By the age of forty-one, Tennyson became the most popular poet of the Victorian era. “The Lady of Shalott” is a famous poem written by Tennyson that expresses a great deal of isolation. In Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s lonely “The Lady of Shalott,” Tennyson uses the characteristics of the Victorian era to help portray the loneliness of the Lady in “The Lady of Shalott.” To begin, the Victorian era began when Victoria became Queen in 1837 and ended when Victoria died in 1901. The Victorian era can be broken down into three separate periods: The Early Period, which is between 1830 and 1848, The Mid Victorian Period, which is between 1848 and 1870, and The Late Period, which is between 1870 and 1901. The Victorian era was characterized by changes and developments in many areas such as the medical, scientific, and technological fields. Also, women lived constricted lives, which was symbolized by the clothing they wore. Women wore the cage crinoline, which was used to hold out a woman’s skirt. The cage crinoline was…

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