Analysis Of The Poem ' The Great Gatsby ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Regina looked towards Henry, her voice shiking, but otherwise in control. She was mayor, after all, "Henry, I... I think we should go talk somewhere else..." She snuck a glance at Maleficent, then at Lily, "All of us should go talk somewhere else..."
Maleficent turned her head to her daughter, her voice pleading, "L-Lily, I can explain-"
What came out of Lily 's mouth made Maleficent wish for silence to fall upon all of them.
Lily let out a cruel, cold chuckle as she shook her head, suppressed thoughts reaching surface as old feelings came about, "Yeah, I bet you can. Like you can explain why couldn 't run after the people who took me instead of blasting the damn entrance and blocking yourself! Or how you couldn 't look for a way to create a portal to this world, and look for me, all powerful Maleficent!"
Regina, Henry, and Maleficent winced and flinched at Lily 's worrds. All harsh, but true.
Maleficent felt tears well up in her eyes once more, "Lily, please..."
But Lily just shook her head, turning to the door, "I 'm leaving."
Just as Lily opened the door, Henry had called after her. And before the boy knew it, he found that he had his hand gripping onto her wrist. Everyone in the diner looked at them in silence, wondering what would happen next between the siblings. Meanwhile, Regina gripped Maleficent 's hand, both of them now providing the other comfort.
Lily pulled her wrist away from Henry, "Leave me alone, kid, " she sneered.
Before Lily could push Henry out of the…

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