Analysis Of The Poem ' The Bird And The Machine ' Essay examples

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Loren Eiseley, American anthropologist, philosopher, and natural science writer, in his essay, “The Bird and the Machine,” juxtaposes life and mechanics. Eiseley describes the relationship between nature and technology, which is growing more prevalent in the modern world. He claims that technology is inferior to technology. His purpose is to illuminate that technology will never be able to replace the natural beauty of life or be capable of portraying the emotions of the bird and other living creatures. Eiseley adopts a reflective and nostalgic tone in order to appeal to the audience of the general public as well as other scientist.

Eiseley opens his essay by creating a contrast between the birds and the glacial pastures. The juxtaposition between the “little bones” and “those high glacial pastures,” indicates that Eiseley believes that the birds and nature have been forgotten and left to “rot.” Eisley elaborates by explaining that “the brain will..treasure them [memories] and finally bring them into odd juxtapositions with other things…” This observation creates clarity for the audience, and sets the stage for his juxtaposition between birds and machines.

Furthermore, Eiseley moves into his description of the “new world.” He concedes, “This is a great age…” and then continues, “...the robot has been born somewhat appropriately along with the atom bomb, and the brain they say is now another type of more complicated feedback system.” Eiseley uses precise…

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