Essay about Analysis Of The Poem ' The Bennett Marriage '

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1. The most apparent instance of irony, to me, is the Bennett marriage. The couple seem to have some issues, like how they bicker and have different hopes for their daughters’ lives. Their marriage is obviously imperfect, yet Austin approaches the topic of marriage as if as if it is a perfect union and a “happily ever after.”

2. Their relationship began without them seeing eye-to-eye and it took almost until the end of the book for them to finally meet an understanding. Mr. Darcy, with his pride, didn 't seem to understand the kind of woman Elizabeth was because he was only focused on her socioeconomic status, and Elizabeth didn 't understand Mr. Darcy because of the lies she believed from Wickham.They didn 't begin to reach an understanding until after Darcy gives her the letter. I feel their relationship is completely resolved when Bingley and Darcy return to the Bennett home and they finally lay everything out on the table.

3. I think people tend to relate to the mismatched lovers situation that 's going on here in Pride and Prejudice. Also I feel that Austen creates her characters in such a way that you relate to them or you have that one who you 're rooting for and that can help propel a reader through the story.

4. I have mixed feelings about Darcy’s character development. I do not really feel that he changed in any meaningful way, he just becomes better at expressing what he is feeling. His core character trait, his arrogant pride, never leaves. In the first…

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