Analysis Of The Poem ' The Bean Eaters ' Essay examples

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Love songs and poems are very popular in poetry and song writing. The Poem, The Bean Eaters, is about an elderly couple that are left with nothing in there lives, but love. George Strait’s chart topper, I Cross My Heart is about a man telling a woman about his everlasting love for her. In many ways the two poems are very similar but still remain different. Each of these two poems have different mood and tone even though the poems are mostly about love.
The Bean Eaters is a hard poem to understand, you don’t understand entirely what the poem main point of the poem is about. This poem uses a lot of figurative language. Line’s five through eight say, “Two who are mostly good. Two who have lived their day, but keep on putting on their clothes And putting things away.”(Brooks) There is no literal interpretation behind the words, to find the true meaning Mrs. Brooks makes you put the pieces together.
George Strait’s I Cross My Heart, uses hardly any figurative language. The third refrain say’s,”I cross my heart And promise to Give all I 've got to give To make all your dreams come true In all the world You 'll never find A love as true as mine.” (Strait) This song is very straightforward in speaking about love. This makes you half to put you own image in your head of what the song it truly about.
It is hard to get to know the Characters in George Strait’s song because we only really know one. The person talking about their love is easily known through their feelings for the other…

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