Analysis Of The Poem ' The Aubum Hued ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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The aubum hued leaves, crunched with every miserable footstep. Scattered with randomness like the mental state of the man himself, disconsolate and determined to give repair to his mental scar. He sauntered, but with a purposeful stride, towards his vengeful destination for which chaos will take place. With his worn-out greased overalls and his intrinsic, slate grey shaded, flat cap passed through the elaborate elite fields of West Egg, also known as the land of ‘new money’, embarking towards this mansion.
Located to the very end of West Egg, border to the sound, rested this extravagant white mansion. Stealthily, he promenaded across the freshly mowed lawn of Jay Gatsby’s residence. For all George Wilson was concerned, was this the man - the one responsible for the tragic death of his beloved wife, Myrtle? He endeavoured further: to within the rear of the luxurious pearl white mansion. An old piano, sat complementary as to enamel Gatsby’s supposedly elite position. Gatsby’s abode is embellished with unique russet velvety brown walls and glazed coffee shaded wooden floors. Now inside, via an unlocked rear door, he imagined himself taking a drink with his girl but that possibility did not exist. As in reality this man named Gatsby had ruined it all for him - according to the sources Wilson heard.
With his heightened psychotic state, he whispers to himself, “if only you were with me Myrtle”. With his upper arm clothed by his roll up of the sleeves, he positioned his shoulder…

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