Analysis Of The Poem ' Soldier 's Home ' Essays

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Conflicts that are solved by military confrontations always come with devastating consequences for combatants and civilians alike. This is mainly because of the enormous levels of carnage and destruction that occurs in the course of reaching amicable solutions to disputes. The protagonist in Soldier’s Home took part in World War I, which was fought on an unprecedented scale in the history of civilization. War plays a crucial role in any States development towards a peaceful coexistence (Tzu 63). Therefore, soldiers make extraordinary sacrifices in the war zones. Nevertheless, these soldiers face a variety of challenges when they try to re-enter civilian lifestyles. In Soldier’s Home, Ernest Hemmingway highlights the predicament of a youthful soldier upon his return from military duty in Europe. Upon returning home from World War I, Harold Krebs finds out that life is not what it used to be before he enlisted for the Marines. It becomes apparent that the negative implications of war endure long after the war comes to an end. Various factors make Harold Krebs’s story especially fascinating. Firstly, his case is unique as compared to that of his hometown counterparts for one reason; Krebs happened to be a member of the second division, which did not get home until one year after the war’s completion. He returned to Oklahoma in 1919, a whole year after his colleagues from other divisions returned home (Hemmingway 1). Soldiers who serve actively in combat zones are exposed to…

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