Analysis Of The Poem ' Repression Of War Experience ' By Siegfried Sasson

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Title In the poem, “Repression of War Experience”, Siegfried Sasson tells a story of the stressors war has on a human mind for weeks or even years after the last shot has been fired. A mind state that many people to date are still able to unfortunately relate too. It’s the horrific sights, sounds, smells, and acts of war that scar the human mind and spirit. Once war has come to an end, and the acts of glory and duty fade into the distance, it’s those scars that can resurface into oozing wounds that haunt men. Sasson describes a teetering balance in the human mind of a soldier reminiscing on his previous battle experiences. Sasson states, “No, no, not that, - it’s bad to think of war / And it’s been proven that soldiers don’t go mad / Unless they lose control of the ugly thoughts” (37). Suggesting that if these unfavorable thoughts are not controlled and dealt with; as Sasson puts it, they will become “ugly thoughts” (37). This internal struggle can be one that overwhelms individuals and debilitates them to the point of madness. In the poem, Sasson takes the role of a physician or a psychiatrist when he says, “Now light your pipe; look, what a steady hand / Draw a deep breath; stop thinking, count fifteen, and you’re right as rain….” (37). And with the following line “….Why won’t it rain?” (37), shows that even Sasson struggles to fight off the burdens of war. That the scars of battle have cut him deeper then he can sometimes overcome. Sasson isn’t trying to forget these…

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