Analysis Of The Poem ' Penelope And The Suitors ' Essay

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Perseverance instills itself into individuals during stressful times. There are several references in the poem to Penelope’s perseverance both in her faithfulness to Odysseus and her performance of the duties of a traditional housewife over the twenty years her husband was away. The painting is a visually representation of this perseverance by showing Penelope intently concentrating on weaving the shroud while her suitors try and persuade her with music and gifts. The themes of perseverance, love, and loneliness are prevalent in many of the author and artist works. Both mediums are used to effectively to illustrate these themes but especially the theme of perseverance. Both the painting, “Penelope and the Suitors” by John William Waterhouse, and the poem, “Penelope” by Dorothy Parker, use the myth of Penelope to show that perseverance instills itself into individuals during stressful times.

The poem “Penelope” was written by Dorothy Parker. The poem is related to the book, “The Odyssey” and describes the main characters wife, Penelope, as she waits for him to return. The tone of the poem can be describe as thoughtful but at the same time there is a feeling of longing. This can most likely be interpreted as Penelope longing for Odysseus’ return. This is shown in the lines, “I shall sit at home, and rock; Rise, to heed a neighbor’s knock”. These lines describe Penelope repeating her duties day after day with great care and attention. By analyzing the poem “Penelope” it can…

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