Essay on Analysis Of The Poem ' Paul Laurence Dunbar

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Paul Laurence Dunbar was a famous poet that originated from Dayton Ohio who wrote this poem as a clear message about how African American slaves wore a mask to hide how they truly felt.. The line “We wear the mask that grins and lies” is saying that they African Americans hide behind smiles to hide how they felt and acted as if everything was okay. This mask that they wore shades their eyes, which is a very important part of the face as the eyes are said to be the key to the soul. If you’ve ever seen movies or TV shows involving slaves you will notice that they never looked into the Master’s eyes. Dunbar’s parents were freed slaves, so he often talked about slavery in his work This Poem explains how important it was for the slaves to wear this mask to hide their feelings and why they did so.
The mask that the slaves wore hid their souls and they felt like they were paying a debt. As you can see “This debt we pay to human guile” was talking about the slave trade. Basically, the native Africans were tricked into coming to America hundreds of years ago. They were sold to plantation owners and became victims of slavery and racism. Of course the slaves were not okay with how they were treated. The slaves wanted to be free, but, awful things happened to the slaves that tried to resist so they remained silent and put the mask on. Most slaves, slaves feared to be beaten so they had no choice but to cooperate and hide. The slaves smiled and cooperated many, without question.…

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