Analysis Of The Poem ' Mrs. Dalloway And Wilfred Owen 's `` And `` Dulce Et Decorum Est ``

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Trauma is a world-wide known phenomenon that people have to live with all their lives. While trauma is mostly seen in the lives of victims of domestic violence or war veterans, it can take any shape and any level of intensity. In Virginia Woolf’s piece, Mrs. Dalloway and Wilfred Owen’s, “Dulce et Decorum Est” trauma is a consistent notion that is prominent in the characters’ lives. In Woolf’s piece, Septimus Smith is a World War I veteran who suffers from obvious trauma in the form of shellshock. He lives with the aftermath of the war and eventually sees hallucinations of his dead war friend, Evans. A less obvious character in the novel, who lives with his own version of trauma is Peter Walsh; Peter got rejected by Clarissa and lives with the outcome of his one true love not wanting to be with him. Peter did not move back to London for quite some time (one can assume it is because of the rejection) and encounters many problems in his romantic life as a result of the whole ordeal with Clarissa. In Owen’s poem, the narrator/speaker lays out the scene of the World War I battlegrounds. He not only describes the vivid details of the trauma the soldiers are going through, but also mentions the future/fast-forward effect of how the trauma has made its way into his present life, with all of the images of the dying soldiers occupying his mind. All of these characters experience their own version of the lasting trauma in their lives. As the action or event that has caused the…

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