Analysis Of The Poem ' Little Boy ' Essay

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The poem follows a "little boy" around four years old, as he tries to grow a seed in a cup for a school project. Unable to succeed, he plants the seed in his backyard. The boy "nurtures" the seed with love and affection and the tree does the same. One day, the boy "meets a girl" and suddenly he has no time for the tree and instead prefers to be with his girlfriend - later becoming his wife. The tree "could only stand there" looking on, hoping for the boy 's return. The boy, however, was as "busy as a bee" working with the wife to remove the tree. This all goes unnoticed, for the tree only awaits the boy 's return. The wife "hates" the tree and wants it removed, however, the wife "was not to be questioned" leaving the boy with only one choice – "He would cut down the tree." Unlike the boy the tree does not know what awaits it and is happy to see the boy once he returns, making the upcoming fate of the tree, even more, unbearable. The tree "screams and cries" with pain, not just for being cut down, but also for the love and feelings that the tree still has for the boy. The tree was not alone for "the boy too was sad" to see it go but he had no other choice. The tree now gone is "but a stump in the soil," a lone reminder of what once existed so beautifully.
The poem can be compared to Othello and his relationship with his wife and Iago, where the tree is portrayed as Desdemona, the wife as Iago and the boy as Othello. As the poem sets forth, it illustrates that the tree and…

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