Analysis Of The Poem ' I Had A Dream ' Essay

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“I had a dream, which was not at all a dream.” Byron writes these iconic and rather dramatic words at the beginning of the poem to symbolize the darkness that he has seen in society. In the poem, “Darkness”, Byron uses the dog to symbolize the individual thought without bias of social prejudices ability to think without corruption while his reference to humans is that their choices, decisions, and thoughts are a collective that is both prejudice and biased. Byron portrays the opening scene as dark and anarchic, where homes and other structures are burned to the ground, as humans stand watching without accountability. The humans in this poem are portrayed rather differently; they are more animalistic, and are following a herd mentality. Their choices are not their own, and free of personal accountability to further the pact mentality. The title “Darkness”, portrays the unconsciousness that we shelter in denial as humans, absolving us from personal fault and flaws while sheltering this accountants in the shadows of our minds. In particular, one sees the darkness the humans are in this poem through the acts of selfish behavior justified as the collective of the society. Yet, the dog is the only aspect of this poem that has not contributed a selfish act. The humans and this single dog are complete opposites. The humans’ behaviors are depicted as selfish for their own gain while this dog is the only thing putting his master’s needs before his own. The humans are running…

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