Analysis Of The Poem ' Helen ' By Hilda Doolittle Essay

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I chose the poem "Helen" by Hilda Doolittle because it revolves around the central theme of hate, which the main character receives from her society as a whole. The poem relates to Medea 's excerpt because both depict how the main characters are despised by their societies. As well, both emphasize the critical role that gender plays in directing this hate. As a result, they both identify the same stereotype of women trending in society: women are dangerous. The theme, content, and tone of the poem and Medea 's excerpt make them relatively comparable.

Although both the excerpt and the poem are similar, yet they are distinct from one another. To be able to indicate to what extent they are similar or contrasting, all elements in the texts, inferred or implied, will be examined. All aspects of both texts, including: the point of view, the main characters ' background and traits, the tone, the authors ' perspective and gender, the use of literary devices, and the significance of the eras in which both texts were written, will be compared and contrasted.

The poem "Helen" is in the third person point of view, as the speaker talks on behalf of the Greek society "All Greece". Also, it is written from a female 's point of view (the author) but spoken from a male 's (the speaker). On the contrary, the excerpt from Medea is in the first person point of view as Medea expresses her own agony "my reputation". It is written from a male 's point of view (Euripides) and spoken…

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