Analysis Of The Poem ' Hedda Gabler ' Essay

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Henrik Ibsen’s, Hedda Gabler contributes many ideas to the topic of the meaning of life. Hedda exemplifies many common emotions that a typical person would have when dealing with life regardless of her social placement in the story. Along with many other ideas in the play, the reader is given the ability to observe the reactions of the characters and the situations they face when dealing with life that would not be considered uncommon today. With one of the underlying themes of the story being the meaning of courage, the reader also is given the opportunity to explore the meaning of living, and having the courage to do so. In Hedda Gabler 's case, we are able to see the other side of the coin, being that courage does not only come from living but from accepting one’s life for what it truly is, the responsibility of making the choice to die or continue on living. We see many characters make different choices for different reasons in the story. Hedda chooses to marry Tesman even though he is beneath her social class. We see a human side of her in this action that may be overlooked by most when analyzing her character. She seems to be chasing a dream for a normal life in hopes that she can be perfectly fine without all the fuss she is used to, or to put it simply, her dream to be satisfied. She proves that she has a heart and is not totally ruled by her higher upbringing. It is understandable to think that as we learn more about her husband, we understand Hedda 's motive…

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