Analysis Of The Poem ' Harlem ' And ' Theme For English B ' By Langston Hughes

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The United States of America has a long history with inequality between whites and coloured people which resulted in the oppression of African Americans. The poems “Harlem” and “Theme for English B” by Langston Hughes reveals how the presence of racism African Americans face ultimately prevents them from achieving equality and the American dream. The poem “Harlem” uses a variety of literary devices to help emphasize how the American dream is not being achieved for African American people. “Harlem” uses imagery and smilies which depicts achieving the American dream in a negative way. The poet is describing the dream in a non-appealing way, “does it sink like rotten meat?” (Harlem,6). The rotten meat is referring to the fact that the dream is dying. The image present a sense of disgust also referring to the dream and showing how the concept of coloured peoples having the same opportunities as whites is a ludicrous idea. The rotting can also relate to how if they ignore or block people’s dermas for long enough it will be harder to achieve. The use of similes shows how the dream is decaying, “fester like a sore” (Harlem 3). The poet is relating an abstract concept, such as a dream, with an object which has a negative connotation. It is conveying a sense of infection and pain. Comparing the dream to a sore of the body the poet is suggesting that unfilled dreams are like a painful injury that begin to become infected if the issue is not addressed. African Americans are…

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