Analysis Of The Poem ' Fuck, I Wan ' Essay

1208 Words May 17th, 2016 null Page
“Fuck, I wanna kill that dumbass punk who busted me out in class the other day,” Tia furiously stated as we made our way to class. “Does he not know who I am?”
“Apparently not,” I answered, although it was probably a rhetorical question. “We were chatting with one another after class ended and it seemed he never knew you existed before your little accouter.”
She bit down on the stolen Pink Lady she got from my house and started to talk with a full mouth. “He’ll learn who Tiamara Moore is. One way or another. And why are you talking to him? I told you to stay away from him.”
“’We both have World History, so, I was curious about what type of character he is and decided to see for myself.”
“No need, since I already have him figured out. His dumbass is visibly a bum; look at what he had on. It was plain as white paint and he might want to hit the barbershop again. His attitude lost him a huge amount of points and then there’s the fact he didn’t know who I was. He’s definitely nowhere close to being boyfriend material.” She finished off the remaining apple and tossed the core out the window before licking her fingers.
‘Sounds like you were checking him out,’ I couldn’t help think in my mind. But I’ll reword it in a way she doesn’t get too offended. “Someone has pique your interest I see.”
The glare she gave me meant a death threat was soon to follow. “Do you have a death wish, Ariana? Say something stupid shit like that again and I’ll happily grant it for you. Besides.” She…

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