Analysis Of The Poem ' Frost At Midnight ' Essay

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“Frost at Midnight!". Would make any human mind wonder. On a cold night, and everyone is sound asleep. I personally myself would enjoy that peaceful moment and let my head go into deep thoughts. I would have a nice cup of cappuccino. I would think about love, how far I have come as well as my past, my childhood, family and so much more. Coleridge couldn’t have chosen a better setting and title for this poem, because I believe that nature is best discovered and embraced at night. A person can get to know there self-more, because they are so relaxed. Coleridge brings the past, in with the present by using his sense of imagination and memories from his past, to help embrace the future. Coleridge better way of viewing life, is answer to hope and change a better life for his son. “Ode to Nightingale” is a poem that is the opposite of “Frost at midnight!”. In the “Ode to Nightingale” the Nightingale is the comforter tool for Keats. Both of these great romantic poets, became great because they found nature. When Coleridge states “The inmates of my cottage, all at rest, Have left me to that solitude,/which suits Abstruser musings:/save that my side/My cradle infant slumbers peacefully." (Line 4 -7). He is in his cottage relaxing his thoughts. It is a cold night and everyone including his child is sleeping. He is the only one up, so therefore his surroundings is really quite, that is almost scary. He can see himself lost in his memories, he can hear himself think. He states “Tis…

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