Analysis Of The Poem ' For My Grandmother Knitting ' By Liz Lochhead

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Discuss how the experience of growing old is powerfully conveyed in one of the poems you have studied.

The poem ‘For My Grandmother knitting’, written by Liz Lochhead, is about a grandmother who is feeling left out by her family. The speaker, is the grandmother speaking in hindsight, she talks about her past life explaining to the reader why she feels ignored. She feels left out because of growing old and the family not understanding her. This poem conveys the experience of growing old by showing the separation the person feels, the physical effect and mental effect it has, the dislike they feel for growing old, the gap with the modern life and --------------------.
In ‘For My Grandmother Knitting’ Lochhead explores the experience of growing old through the perspective of the grandmother who feels a separation between her family and herself. In stanza one the voice explains how the family tells her that ‘there is no need they say’, this implies that there is a separation between the family, as the use of ‘they’ (third person subjective) instead of son or daughter; which could represent the detachment the grandmother feels because of their treatment of her in her old age. This line is repeated in a different sentence structure in stanza three and four, the use of repetition makes the separation the voice feels clear to the reader. In stanza four the grandmother’s grandchildren tell her that they already have ‘too much’ of her knitting ‘already’, this could suggest the…

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