Analysis Of The Poem ' Ephesians 6.10-22 ' Essay

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Ephesians 6.10-22

It’s hard to speak about the topic of war when I’ve never participated in such an activity. I know very little about the experiences of our country’s military personnel. Apart from the military heirlooms of our grandfathers, my Father-in-law’s stories of West Point and Korea, my Uncle’s stories of the Vietnam Conflict, my Uncle’s stories of Germany, and my Cousin’s stories of Desert Storm my understanding of such comes from news articles. But what I do know from those stories is the emotional devastation and ultimate resilience that came with the experiences of war. We see the same kinds of stories and experiences across the pages of the Scriptures.

Who are some of the notable Veterans of the Bible?
Joshua and Moses are strategic veterans in the formation of a holy land.

Joshua, Warrior for God. Last week we looked at the last words of Joshua, and his call for the people to remain faithful to the Kingdom of God. Joshua one of the key heroic warriors of the Old Testament. Joshua understood what it means to be a veteran from the crossing of the Jordan River to bringing down the walls of Jericho to the parceling out of the Promised Land to all the tribes. We see heavenly influence in conflict when Joshua meets the “commander of the Lord’s army” (Joshua 5.13-15). Conflict is the foundational strip of tapestry that holds the whole biblical storyline together. The principles of war are found primarily in the book of Deuteronomy where Holy War is defined…

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