Analysis Of The Poem ' Echoing Green ' Essay

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Human to nature relationship is an important one, with nature you feel more alive, it’s like to have a new flower in spring, nature teaches us many things also helps us live our life by proving food and clothes and importantly it gives us a peace that can’t be found anywhere. Without nature we aren’t the same, our world could become a dark place, we would become like a robot or just too much into the metrical world that we would forget the basic living and where we came from. We need nature to balance our life, we need the connection to nature and that what exactly the three poet’s talk about in their poems, that I will go over in this essay.
First poet’s name is William Blake and he wrote the poem “Echoing Green” which is a joyful poem about the beautiful nature and the spring time “The Sun does arise, And make happy the skies. The merry bells ring, To welcome the Spring” (118). It exposes the feelings of nature through the point of view from young and old and how the beautiful spring days create memories for them. From the young stand point life is bright, fun and playful. However for the old standpoint, it’s not the same, as they sit under the oak tree “Among the old folk, They laugh at our play, And soon they all say. Such, such were the joys. When we all girls & boys” (118). Just like season’s change from harsh winter to bright sun in spring, life is similar to season cycle. You start off being young but eventually you will grow old. The author tells us a message…

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