Analysis Of The Poem ' At The Vietnam Veterans Memorial ' Essay

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This poem focuses on a young man named Komunyakaa who struggles with hiding his grief after fighting in the Vietnam War. The setting of the poem is at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, where Komunyakaa first experiences difficulties with expressing his battle with his depression. This is evident as the poem begins with a sad tone, and Komunyakaa displays a sense of sadness as he views the granite wall with the names of all the slain military victims.You can instantly conclude that he is battling with ways to express his emotions as he is constantly trying to keep himself from crying and showing his true emotions. As the poem progresses, he seems to become a bit rattled at the shadow of a woman, as it seems that she is “wiping” names from the wall. His acquisitions are soon quickly eliminated though as he notices that he is simply imagining things and that she is just rubbing a young boys head. He was so overcome with anxiety at the shadow of the woman, that he basically imagined something that wasn’t truly happening and when he saw what she was actually doing he seemed to gain a sense of calmness.By seeing her stroke the young boys head brought it him back to reality and a time where he was once young and innocent. In the poem “Facing It”, I would argue that depression and PTSD are subjects that shouldn’t be taken lightly because although they seem like they don’t truly affect a person, they tear away at a person’s mental state of mind.

The idea of depression focuses on a…

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