Analysis Of The Poem ' Ancient Egypt ' Essay

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Alison Llewellyn‘s poem “Ancient Egypt” is an informative poem about Egypt and how Egyptians lived in the past. The poem provides much information about Egypt that was unknown. It was a source of information in the past. Along time ago people weren 't familiar on the ways Egyptians lived in the past. In many ways the ancient Egypt poem explain how the lives of Egyptians were in the past. Their lives and all there rituals and beliefs were unknown until the poem was created to inform us of the ways the ancient Egyptians lived their past. Llewellyn’s poem also tells us about ancient Egypt and its civilization, the Nile River, the fertile soil, crops, and its triggered pharaonic. Also tells us about the rich pharaohs and their ability to mummify their death bodies and how they care of the dead and his organs afterlife. Despite the magnificence of this poem put cannot described the ancient Egyptian civilization, creativity, and splendor of the pharaoh. Llewelyn’s on his poem explained the most two things important that distinguish Egypt from other countries of the world and through his explanation about the art of mummification explained magnificence of ancient Egyptian and their intelligent. And also explained how the Nile River influenced everyday life and how the Nile River provided jobs for the ancient Egyptian. Llewellyn starts his poem with the most important thing in Egypt, the Nile River. He says, “The ancient Egyptians lived along the Nile/ and when the waters…

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