Essay Analysis Of The Poem ' An Eerie Gray '

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An Eerie Gray “Blood is thicker than water” is a very commonly used proverb. It portrays water as ties between friends. Blood being the bond within a family. I prefer the interpretations of authors Albert Jack and R. Richard Pustelniak. These men believe that it is the blood of the “covenant” and the water of the “womb” being described in the proverb. This allows for a different meaning; that the blood within a fellowship is stronger than that of birth (water of the womb), of which I agree with. I have always had a very loving family, and most of my friends would agree. My family is split between my father who is a Chicago native and my mother whose family has farmed around St. Charles for the past century. That being said I disagree with many of the diverse political, social, and even economical opinions within my family. The night I almost lost my best friend was a situation that family helped with, but was largely disregarded. I hold my friends in higher regard and to a higher standard than family because of this. The Chicago Blackhawks games have been a center piece for many of my parties. During the Stanley Cup Playoffs things were heated more than ever. I had a usual crew over for the game including my friends Alex, Connor, Andrew, and my best friend Dan. Andrew was unable to make it that night, but the festivities continued. We started by ordering pizza from the local Rosati’s in Elburn and grabbing some drinks from the Jewel in town. The night went exactly as…

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