Analysis Of The Poem ' A Song Of Hope ' By Kath Walker Essay

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5. Kath Walker Poetic Style

Kath walker tends to write most of her poems using the octave structure – with each verse containing 8 lines, she uses this in one of her most famous works a ‘a song of hope’. Kath is also recognised worldwide for her poetry through the way she uses strong language to portray her protest towards the racism going on in Australia at that current time. Kath walker used her poems to allow indigenous Australians to vote and to become part of the white Australian culture. Most of Walkers social protest poetry, including her most famous poem, “We Are Going”, is a politically didactic poem that some critics have denied as being poetic, calling it instead propaganda. Even the most supportive critics have described this poem as technically imperfect, though it contains a clear and strong message, like most of Walker’s works. Critics have then debated the virtues of Oodgeroo poetry, saying it is either good protest material or bad poetry.
6. Analysis of poem 1 – we are going

“We Are Going” by Kath Walker was published in her first collection of poetry, which was also called We Are Going: Poems (1964). This collection of poems was the first volume of poetry to be published by an Aboriginal.
The poem has been considered by many as propaganda rather than poetry, the poem considered as ‘politically didactic.’ Even the most supportive of critics considered the poem as ‘imperfect.’
Despite the wide viewing of the poem being propaganda it still conveys a…

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