Analysis Of The Play ' The Roaring Girl ' Essay

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The play The Roaring Girl is a fictional drama of the life of Mary Flirth, who is known as Moll captured in the play. Sir Alex Wengrave, who is the father to Sebastian, denies his son to marry Mary Fitzallard alleging that her dowry is not enough (Royal Shakespeare Company 4). Sebastian retaliates through pretending to be in love with Moll, who is branded as a notorious thief. Sebastian’s aim is to have his father prefer Mary over Moll and consequently accept their marriage. The dominant character in this play is a lady named Moll Fith. The distinguishing feature of this lady is that she wanders in London in male attire. Moll chooses not to hide her identity as a lady and clearly presents herself as a lady in men’s clothing. Moll arouses quest for people to reunite her sexual inconsistencies, and she ignites societal and sexual anxieties in the society presented in the play. The Society’s efforts to evaluate the identity of Moll in male clothes is the major dramatic and symbolic issue of the play. For thousands of years, philosophers and scholars of theology have had long discussions as to whether women are naturally moral or evil. In the recent past centuries, there have been vigorous debates on the women slander controversy. This essay focuses on assessing the ideological implications of the association of women’s day to day work with sexual availability in the play The Roaring Girl. The context of the assessment is the early modern English culture.
The play displays a…

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