Analysis Of ' The Play ' Antigone ' And ' Trifles ' Essay

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In the two plays Antigone and Trifles we see the characters in each approach laws and justice quite differently. Both plays center on a death, and in each there are two sides seeking justice after the death. I feel the plays present one group of characters who seek lawful justice and an opposing set of characters that want justice based on their opinion. In the first play, Trifles, a man has been murdered by strangulation and the primary suspect is his wife. The person who found and reported the crime is on the scene with the sheriff and county attorney going over the fact and trying to find evidence and a motive. The wives of the sheriff and the witness are there as well to pick up a few item to take back to the wife who was being held in jail. As the sheriff and county attorney are about to leave after finishing their investigation and not finding any real evidence, the county attorney tells the sheriff, “You can send Frank out for me, can’t you? I want to go over everything. I’m not satisfied that we can’t do better.” (Glaspell 755) The county attorney knew he had to have indisputable facts to prove in a court of law and beyond a shadow of doubt that the wife had committed the crime if he was going to see justice served. This is an example of using the lawful process of applying justice. The wives however, while gathering a few things to take back to Mrs. Wright who was waiting in jail, began to draw their own conclusion about what happened and why. As the women are…

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