Analysis Of ' The Photo Is Lying And You ' By Rob Haggart Essays

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Can you believe every photo you see? In “The Photo is Lying to You” by Rob Haggart was written about photographers that were taken by a photographer and photo shopped. The saying “one picture is worth a thousand words” Implies that pictures describing many things without reading or hearing about it. In the reading Haggart introduces a photographer name Ed Freeman who was working on a novel about surfing at the time when he took a picture of surfers he saw in Hawaii and photo shopped the picture to fit his own description of surfing. According to Haggart, Photographers have been photo shopping pictures since 1994. In the beginning, photo shopping was to help photographers remove shadows, distracting things in the background, and poles. Photo shopping offends many people now because pictures are supposed to catch the honest and beautiful moments. Haggart’s article effectively accomplishes the rhetorical situations, development and the use of tone. Haggart’s purpose is to inform readers that most photographs have been photo shopped in some ways to fit the photographer. Haggart successfully expresses how photos aren’t original anymore. Haggart’s audience are readers who loves photography. Haggart successfully addresses their need for information by showing evidence of photos and the photographers that edit their photos like Ed Freeman. He says, “I am an artist. I’m interested in creating great pictures, not documentary images. I couldn’t care less if they’re real or not”…

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