Analysis Of ' The Outside Circle ' Essay

2043 Words Dec 13th, 2016 9 Pages
The formal aspect of lines in comics assists in the depiction of certain narratives conveyed by authors to readers within graphic novels. Lines are essential in conveying emotions and sensual reactions within comics - it amplifies and illustrates the author’s messages to the reader. In visual works such as comics, the author is put in a unique position in order to portray emotions within scenes, relying on not only on the visual components but elements that enhance those very visual aspects. In this paper, I will expand on how all styles of lines used in graphic comics are essential tools in being expressive. The use of line work is important because it is essential in establishing and emphasizing whatever specific emotion that the artist wishes to portray. It can also signify a call for extra attention from the reader to a specific page, as the line work suddenly changes in style between pages. In “The Outside Circle”, the line work on the 26th page is conveying the shattered life and transitioning that the character Joey Caver is going through, and is a visual representation of his emotions negatively being broken down.
Lines are everything within a comic as it’s not only just motion lines or action lines but lines are also used to draw characters or settings. It is an essential part of comics as all lines carry a potential expression. The variations of lines from thick, thin, curvy, straight, and such on, which create a theme in each panel as it is used to convey certain…

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