Essay on Analysis Of ' The ' Of The Flies ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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1. The narrator is a drug addict who seems to have a disconnection from reality. He also claims to see the future. The salesperson is a married man and he is on his way to visit his girlfriend. He also seems to be an alcoholic and drug addict because he shares with him alcohol and pills. The college student gives the narrator a ride to the city limits and he also gives him drugs. The family – a man, wife, and the baby – offer the narrator a ride, too, but they have a car accident because the driver fell asleep on the wheel. The truck driver helps the narrator who is carrying the baby.
2. The actions of F***head are not positive from my point of view; I feel that the things he does are negative because although he is a man who seems to know what would happen in the future, he does not mention anything to the family while he is high on amphetamines, hashish, and alcohol. At the beginning, he tries to help the victims and can tell the difference between appearance and reality. I do not think that someone who is under the influence of drugs could think properly nor do the right thing.
3. If I was in a similar situation as the narrator, I would have done the right thing and have told the family that they were going to have a car accident. It is common sense to prevent an accident and a loss. A person was going to die and he did not even say anything – he just kept it to himself. From my point of view, that is selfish act.
4. According to the story, the drugs are just an excuse…

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