Analysis Of ' The Odyssey ' Essay

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For centuries we humans have been telling and retelling stories so the generation to come would be aware and entertained by them. However, the majority of stories isn’t always told the same way. For instance, famous Greek myths and gods such as Thor have been retold in different ways. Now other than Thor, the poem “The Odyssey” by Homer has been retold in numerous of ways, too. For instance, the writers of O Brother, Where Art Thou, adapted the poem “The Odyssey.” Although the movie doesn’t exactly tell the poem of “The Odyssey” in the most accurate way, both the poem and the movie share a number of similarities. So throughout the movie people will notice similarities between the characters, plots, and themes, assuming they have read “The Odyssey.” To start off, one of the few things the movie borrows is the characters. The main character’s name, Ulysses, is the roman form of Odysseus who is also the main character in the Odyssey. Like Odysseus, the viewers will see the adventure of Ulysses because before he reaches his destination he would’ve done so. Anyways, other than the fact their names have a connection and both are the main characters, the two characters share a similar personality as well. Both characters are great with their words and have great leadership. For example, Ulysses was able to convince both his chain mates to escape with him by promising them a great amount of treasure. Then when it came to deciding what was best in a bad situation he would take…

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